Following is a breakdown of the services provided by ZimCreative.

Your logo represents who you are, what you're about, and who you wish to reach. It relays a feeling and message that is forever associated with your business or event; as well as an image that is recognized each and every time it appears.
Your logo is your identity, and ZimCreative wants to help you establish it.

Partnering with consultants across the state, ZimCreative has had the pleasure of working with countless candidates in their endeavors to secure offices throughout all levels of government. It all begins with the candidate successfully relaying their message to the citizens they wish to serve. Campaign logo designs, push cards, mail pieces, yard signs, and numerous other promotional materials are a must. ZimCreative is here to help.

Many consider print media advertising as “just another ad,” but the image you put in newspapers and periodicals says more about your company or cause than you may realize. Designing advertisements for local, state, and nation-wide publications since 1995, ZimCreative is uniquely positioned to help relay your message in a thoughtful, concise manner intended to keep your name, brand, or event in the conscience of the reader.

Collateral Materials are materials used to support and reinforce a media advertising campaign.  This includes items such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, catalogs, booklets, trade show exhibits, point-of-purchase displays and so much more.
These are the pieces that you use in your every daily business activities. They are the best way to get your message across, as well as make an impact with your potential clientele.

The internet is a constantly changing place, and in today’s world you simply must have a presence. As we each come to accept this fact, the need for attractive, thoughtful web design is a necessity. Utilizing Content Management Systems (CMS,) ZimCreative has produced sites for more than 100 clients. Your website is yet another step in securing the credibility and rock-solid character that you've worked so hard to establish.  Contact ZimCreative today to see how we can help.
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