1. How much does graphic design cost?
While a very important question, it can’t be answered without details of your design project. Your company is unique from every other, so it makes sense to tailor a quote that is individual to your needs. This is not to say that graphic design has to be costly though. From the smallest to largest project, ZimCreative’s pricing varies depending upon a number of factors. We'd love to talk with you about your needs, and give you a clear picture of the costs included.
2. What does the cost include?
The cost covers full design of your project per your specs including multiple proofs, revisions as needed, and a completed, digital version of your design supplied either on disk, or via the web, to the destination of your choosing. There are various additional includes that can be discussed on a by-project basis.
3. So and so charges less than you. Can you match them?
My rates and costs are as such to remain reasonable in the immediate market that I serve, yet also provide competitive pricing for those in and out of my immediate market. These costs also provide unequaled customer service, and a personal touch for every customer and job that I take on. All costs are outlined before the beginning of a job, and the client is kept abreast of my progress, and any possibilities of extending beyond the original estimate.
4. How long will the project take to complete?
At the beginning of each project I will inform you of delivery timeframes, such as when to expect the initial ideas, and how long possible revisions may take. As each project is different, I wait until learning about your needs before providing a deadline. Depending upon the complexity and my current workload, projects can be completed that same day, or over the span of a few days.
5. Can you start right away?
In most cases, yes, I can start right away. In worst case scenarios, most projects can begin within the first week of receiving your approval to proceed. I need to pay close attention to my current clients, and their ongoing projects. Taking on too much work at once will adversely affect the outcome — something I won’t do.
6. What exactly do I receive when you send an initial proof?
I will normally send a low-resolution PDF file to the email address of your choosing. This first-proof will be based upon our previous discussion, and will be subject to revisions as needed. If the design is not what you are looking for, then it’s your responsibility to let me know! You will not hurt my feelings, as art & design is subject to the individual’s eye. Remember, these designs are what will represent your business to the masses. While I will give you my most educated suggestion or design, it is in the end, your product. Just remember, you hire a builder to build a house…and a graphic designer to design your media.
7. What filetypes do you provide?
In most cases, a high resolution (300dpi) PDF file is the choice file type. However, nearly any other print format is available (EPS, JPEG, PNG, AI, etc.) I’m more than happy to help with specific file requests, and will answer questions if you’re in any way unsure.
8. Are you available by telephone?
Absolutely. All clients receive my mobile phone number, and I’m available between 8am and 5pm CST, from Monday to Friday (except during holidays). When on vacation, I even strive to stay available on a daily basis by taking all digital files with me on my laptop.
9. How do you accept payment?
With projects whose estimate exceeds $500, I request a 50% down payment prior to scheduling the work. This is payable by check or cash. All details are included in your initial invoice, and the remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project. At this time, credit cards are not accepted.
10. Will you feature my works in your portfolio?
I reserve the right to showcase any completed design in my portfolio. I take great pride in my work, and wish to keep an up-to-date online, and personal portfolio. If for any reason you would prefer that your project not be included in ZimCreative’s portfolio, please just let me know.
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